Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The season of transition

Once upon a november, all the beings and unbeings on the planet used to talk. Only once a year, on the 26th of November a magic rain, from the sky, was falling, bringing everything to life. The phenommen was completed when humans truly opened their hearts and minds to the transition.
The legend tells that the magic day was in fact the 5th season of the year, where the notion of time didn't exist anymore, was the moment when all the energies in the Universe were connected to awake the humans. "Remembering" was the only key to get in the 4th season, the winter. Those who didn't succeed were trapped between past and future until they found the true meaning of the present.
People who found the "remembering" key discovered who they really were. All their failures, disapointments, material loses and frustations meant nothing anymore. It was time for change and gratitude. It was the chance to stop living illusions and realize that they didn't have enough life in them to be miserable and sad. They were given the years of life to love, to laugh, to appreciate every moment with their loved ones, to not hate but forgive, to not expect but to offer, to not wait but to act, to not give up but to fight.
26th of November was the magic day when we remembered the meaning of winter. Everything is in there, us as children, the smell of home, the taste of mum's food and her power of taking every pain away and giving us so much love that we couldn't imagine how such a small person can handle so much.
Today is my 5th season when I realize how lucky and greatful I am for my life and how much love I can feel for every person that sticked into my life and never stoped to believe in me. I can't wait for the winter to come, to go home and be a dreaming little girl again underneath a family cozy roof.

Hey, don't stop now, keep remembering!

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